How we got started.

The Prom Shop is a locally owned business that actually started as a bridal shop in 1982 named Satin & Silks Bridal and Formal Wear.
Pam Bessler and Myrna Bessler decided to open up a bridal gown and silk flower shop in Byron, MN. They carried everything you could need for your wedding back then and of course prom dresses. In March of 2002 they decided to expand their small business to include Brides Etc, and Black Tie Tuxedos in Rochester, MN.
During the 5 years that Pam was operating all three businesses she noticed that the prom customers who were coming in were not getting as much out of the experience as they should, getting grouped in with all the wedding shoppers at the same time. So she decided to do an experiment with her Rochester location.  They changed the name to The Prom Shop and only carried prom dresses.  This way they were able to make it a completely separate experience for teenage girls.  The response was overwhelming, the prom customers loved not coming in 2nd after the brides who were always shopping at the same time.


So The Prom Shop was permanent, Pam stopped selling bridal in 2006 and moved The Prom Shop to Byron, where we could cater to our customers even better.
Pam says the biggest thing that sets them apart is we only do prom. We are constantly changing because our customer is and we can put 100% of our focus on what the prom shopping experience should be. We are always adding new experiences to The Prom Shop.  In just the last few years we have added a runway which is a huge hit with our customers and staff. We also have Emmy style photo opportunities and a magazine cover photo booth, last year we even added a state of the art bathroom.  As for this years new edition, well I guess you will have to stop in to see what the new big thing for 2018 is.
Stop in and see why we have been voted MN’s BEST PROM STORE and are one of The Top Ten Prom Stores in the U.S.


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