Preparing for Prom 2018!

We start preparing for your next years prom even before the current prom season is over. We start by looking at what styles were the hottest for prom this year, mainly what was the one style that completely sold out by January, because that will usually tell us what will be the most popular dresses for the next prom season. After prom, we use all the responses we get from all of our customers on what they are looking for in a prom dress for the following year; color, style, price, etc.  We start consulting with our top designers to let them know what it is that we want to see for the following year. Then we start hitting the markets…..
Atlanta Prom Market in August is the biggest, and its the first look at what’s going to be hot and trending for the following year. We are looking at dresses from 7am until sometimes as late as 7pm so we can assure that we have all of the best looks and trends for our customers. A lot of our vendors come before, during, and after the prom seasons to see what is hot for Prom and to find out what we would like to see more of for the next prom season. We are constantly doing private showings and meetings to ensure we have all the styles our customers are looking for.
After the markets are over, the real work begins. We make sure we order enough of every style, color, and size combination ensuring we will continue to be one of the Top Ten Prom Stores in the US.
Once we have all of the dress orders turned in to all of our manufacturers, we start the shoe shopping. We have over a hundred vendors we consult to get pictures of the shoes they offer.  We spend days making sure we have enough of each color, heel height and style to ensure we have everything our prom girls could want.
After the dresses and shoes are picked out it is time to get the rest of the accessories.  Off Pam goes to NYC to spend days picking out thousands of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, garters, and any other accessory you could possibly need to accent your prom dress.  We have them all shipped back to Minnesota and spend days getting them sorted and ready for you on opening day!


September is when the real fun begins.  The dresses start arriving!!!


Once the dresses arrive we have members of The Prom Shop team ready to unpack, steam, and tag the dresses so they can all be out on the floor for our big opening on December 9th.  The end of November and beginning of December we start hiring our amazing team of Prom Shop employees to make sure everyone’s prom experience is amazing here at The Prom Shop.


The week up to the opening is always packed full of excitement from all of The Prom Shop team members.  We have employees who have worked for us in the past and have left for college come back to help us out over their winter breaks so it is like a homecoming for a lot of our employees and customers alike.  And EVERYONE is making bets on their favorite dress for the season so far and what will be the hottest new style of the season.
Our past customers like to shop early and take advantage of the smaller crowds that we have in December.  Plus everyone who knows about our layaway policy loves to come in early because they can be assured they might not miss out on the hottest styles of the season by shopping late.  With the layaway policy you can pick out the dress of your dreams and also not stress about finding something else.  The best part is that you can come in as much as you want and if you find something you like better, you can always trade up!
Everyday at The Prom Shop from September until April we have new dresses and accessories being expedited to us so we can make sure we are not missing out on the perfect style for every girl.  So even though we go to all the markets and pick out the perfect styles we leave half of our buying up to you our customers….we keep listening throughout the season to make sure that there s nothing that our customers think we are missing, and if there is we try everything in our power to make sure it will arrive out on our floor shortly.
Grand opening blog

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