When is too early?


When is too early to buy my dress?853


This is a question we are asked on a daily basis.

I know this runs through every prom girl and mom’s mind.  So when is too soon?

The answer is never at The Prom Shop.


First the biggest risk of not buying soon is styles sell out,  the hottest styles will sell out before the end of January.  If the style you have fallen in love with sells out then you might be out of luck.  These dresses take 4 months of more to produce meaning the designers have to “guess” the demand of each dress even before the first dresses arrive at the stores.   Then from this pool of dresses are the ones stores get for stock and special orders.  So if you are looking for that hot Jovani style JVN2400 in a red size 4 and Jovani produced 100 – that means an average of 2 red sizes 4’s per state!


But you are in luck, we have an amazing option that lets you get the dress of your dreams and continue to look just in case you change your mind.  We have an amazing program called “Trade Up’s”.  This allows you to put the dress of your dreams on layaway, then if you change your mind you can come back into the store and if you find something that you like even better you can exchange it.   With the trade up program we require $100 deposit and payments every two weeks on the dress,  The only requirement we have is that you exchange for the same dollar amount of merchandise you had on layaway.  Plus you can even exchange accessories.  


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The best part of our Trade Up deal is you can be assured you will have the perfect prom dress.  Too often we see girls come in fall in love with a dress and decide to wait because they want to keep looking.  But the reality is most of the dresses in our store will be replaced or sold out nationwide within weeks of us getting them.  So this is the best of both worlds, you can be assured you have the dress you fell in love with and still have the freedom to come in with your friends and shop whenever you like and be able to exchange if you find something you like better!

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